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 News Article
Letter Jacket Ordering - October 12
Dear Students and Parents,
You will have the opportunity to order your Bethlehem Academy Letter jacket on Thursday, October 12th.  Jackets can be ordered between 11:30 – 1:00 in the cafeteria.  At that time a representative from Meca Sportswear will be available to personally size each student and to answer any questions.  Sizing samples will be available to insure a proper fit.  Students that have lettered in an activity or expect to earn a letter this school year may order.
Celebrate your achievements and show your school spirit with this traditional school jacket.  Meca award jackets are crafted from quality materials and will last for years.
Option 1-All Black Jacket PACKAGE PRICE:  $192.00.  Girls typically get this jacket.  Boys may also get it, but, we encourage the boys to get the Traditional BA Letter Jacket.
Black wool body with black leather sleeves, approximate delivery in 5-6 weeks.  INCLUDED ARE: Name on Front, Graduation Year and shipping and handling.
Option 2:-Cardinal Jacket:  Cost $212.00.  This is the Traditional BA Letter Jacket that we encourage boys to get.
Cardinal wool body with cardinal leather sleeves and white leather insert on the shoulder.  Custom jacket, approximate delivery 6-8 weeks. INCLUDED ARE: Name on Front, Graduation Year and shipping and handling.
Personalization Options:
• Sleeve patches-$12.00/each (football, volleyball, baseball, activity patches, etc.)
• SEW ON OF ANY STUDENT PROVIDED PATCHES: $5.00/each . (Such as “BA” letter, Faribault Patches, etc.-Please bring with at time of order!)
Additional Charges:
3XL-$20.00 4XL-$32.00
Sleeve/Body alterations-$5.00 each if needed
A deposit of $100.00 is required on order day.  Make checks payable to Meca Sportswear.
Meca will also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for deposit or payment in full at time of order.